new commitment, new you?


“Don’t ever give up

Dont ever give in

Dont ever stop trying

Dont ever sell out

And if you find yourself succumbing to one of the above for a brief moment,

Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start where you left off

But never, ever, ever give up.”

This year has felt like a cyclical season of yes and falling flat on my face. I’ve gone from feeling like I’m invincible, on top of the mountain to feeling like an idiot and don’t know what I’m doing. 

Its been a year of starts and restarts. I haven’t given up but it feels like I’m consistently tripping all over myself. I’ve made some big decisions this year.. I’ll save you the drama-filled details but each one gets a little scarier. At the time the leap is exhilarating. Of course, after the leap is the fall and while you’re falling you’re thinking okay now what… I'm either going to hit the ground or figure out how to fly. Sometimes its not so linear. Just when I feel like I get a handle on flying, my wings get clipped or I convince myself I'm not a bird. Maybe I’m getting little too imaginary here. Let me bring it back down to earth.

So, you make a big decision to change your life, maybe you quit your job to launch your own company. Or, you hire a fitness coach for the 5th year in a row because THIS is the year you are ready to finally lose weight. As if the leap of faith to make the investment wasn’t hard enough, now you have to keep making hard choices— EVERY DAMN DAY! Are you kidding me?! “I thought I signed up with this coach so that I could just coast through and they would make me lose 20 lbs” WRONG. OH my dear are you wrong. When you make a commitment to yourself you don’t get to bypass all your self-judgment or obstacles. This is a process that requires a commitment to empower yourself and lead you to your truth. 

I made a commitment to hire two business coaches. And as shameful as I feel saying this, I feel those words deep in my core. “SO I hired these coaches, why aren’t I making 6 figures already” FUCKING HA. HA. HA. HA. 

Let me be real honest with you. The leap is the easy part. Investing in yourself is the easy part. It is the flood gate to all the hard shit ahead. I am not a fan of the whole wait till January 1 to set goals, this is my year blah blah bullshit. BUT, it is a fresh start. The holidays are over. Theres no more traveling; there’s no more family to entertain… So, it IS the perfect opportunity to begin. I’m a creature of organization. I am that person that prefers to start on Sunday (Sunday is my Monday). In fact, I am writing this blog on Sunday December 30 because I am getting a head start on everything I want to commit to this year. 

So, in short. No matter how many times in 2018 or in your lifetime that you’ve started only to smack your face on the ground, get back up sis and lets do it again. You know your highest potential is within reach. And if you don’t know that, this is me telling you it is. This is your permission slip to go out there and fucking take what you want— because you have all the power in the world to do so. 

So, this year, right now, I challenge you to commit to you: the higher you that has immense power. The one who’s words, thoughts and actions can either foster judgment and self abuse OR self acceptance and authentic becoming! You are the one you have been waiting for. You can either step towards change or fight, resist and ignore it. Transformation is a conscious choice. When you step into your power you accept change and onto the path of transformation to move from being victim of life to being the co-creator of your story. Every time you are faced with a new obstacle you are asked to re-commit over and over to the process and your truth. Each time you decide to re-commit, something changes inside you. Your commitment and your truth gets a little bit stronger. You become a little more disciplined and a little bit bigger.

So I ask, what YOU are you committing to this year? Who do you want to be? What does the life that you crave look like? 

feminine power


feminine strong.

what words do you think of when you hear the word feminine?

soft? fierce? assertive? beauty?

Why is it so easy for us to honor another women’s power? But we can’t seem to do the same for ourselves? What the heck is missing. It’s no wonder why there is an over saturation of women’s empowerment and self development coaches. Why do we all need so much freaking help just being ourselves?! Everyone seems to have the ‘program to help’ but everyone is dancing around the bush. It’s time to stop playing the victim and get to know your damn truth.

Feminine power.

We’ve all heard the term before. There is all kinds of talk about women’s movements and women empowering women. But a lot of it is just that. talk. Talk is cheap without action. I’ve never considered myself a feminist. For the sole fact that, to me with the way society talks about feminism, feminist means you have to choose. I think a lot of peoples perceptions about feminism is skewed. Feminism and our culture is a balance of the feminine and masculine. One would not survive without the other. Now, I’m not saying there is no discrimination for any one person because that’s not what this topic is about today. This page is about YOU. Your fire. Your truth. Your feminine. In this moment that’s all I give a fuck about [excuse me while I am lit up in my feminine ;) ].

One of the most frustrating things to me is when I meet women, women with SO much freaking potential and beauty and intelligence, yet their light is so dim they don’t stand in the true power. They stop telling people no to things, even when it doesn’t serve them. Or they don’t take a chance on their future out of fear. Or don’t leave a toxic relationship because the other person “won’t let them go.” Our culture has modeled for us to turn off strong emotions. To seek refuge in alcohol or netflix—in comfort. When we numb its comfortable and we don’t have to think about what more is out there or what we really want. Memes get passed around how we will be perpetually single, that we are no good, we are unworthy. We glamorize being anti-social, not feeling anything worthwhile and doing nothing with our lives. CAN WE JUST STOP THIS ALREADY. Let us no longer entertain this stupid shit.

This is why I love coaching and working intimately with women. I love being the mirror for women who doubt themselves. We can all see through each other’s cloud of bullshit. Arguably, most women will at some point in their lives, if not consistently, underestimate and doubt their abilities. Maybe this is you and instead of taking action you search for someone else to support your life. You don’t value yourself enough to trust your inner knowing and leave the shitty relationship you’re in. Maybe you’ll never make that first leap to start your passion career so you settle into a job you hate. You analyze analyze until you just quit before you even try. Let me tell you something sis, if you can envision something in its potential, it can be done.

So how do we mend strengthen and remake yourself? There is never a finish line where we stop fending off our fears. I will be the first to tell you, I, myself battle these fears every day and as you become more powerful, they get stronger. It takes consistent practice day in and day out. There are no off days. You are already a radiant being and must reconnect to your own internal flame. Sharpening your physical strengths is a vehicle for your true power to shine. You CAN own your feminine. You are more powerful than you realize. Your truth and purpose already exists inside of you but it requires you to take action.

When you commit to your journey of truth you will forever have an indestructible feminine spirit and a depth of confidence that is unimaginable. Every situation in our life is a privilege— good or bad, and you don’t have to do it alone. I invite you to celebrate yourself and connect powerfully to your being amongst a community that lifts each other up. Your truth deserves to be heard.

ego, soul & adversity

DSC06021 copy.png

Sometimes it seems like everyone is a personal development coach these days. In some way, we are all on a journey to self-discovery or development in some way. If you know me, you know I despise mainstream ‘self help’ books. Not for the lack of wisdom but because they often don’t get to the root of the concept. And don’t get me wrong, they are definitely valuable! Just like all transformations there are levels that we may not be ready to understand. There will be books that don’t resonate with you that resonate with another. That is the beauty of the process. We, on our journeys alike, are all attempting to align more with our soul/light impacting all of US.

Its hard to shine light on our way without first looking at the facts. In order to heal and redis-cover our truth we must first get to know the patterns of life within ourselves and with others.
When we become less lead by ego and more from the soul, our view of the world and the pains that are in it begin to soften, our vibrations and our consciousness rise. As we empower our personal journey we participate in the collective transformation of humanity and healing of the planet.

Excuse me as I get a bit earthly on ya here but the more I learn the more I know this is what I have been called to do. As I get more in touch with my soul I know that I must lead with integri-ty in all things that I do. To get in touch with our soul we must unravel the ego. But how?

First, I think its imperative to understand the roles of EGO. I consider this part of ourselves our inner toddler. The one who acts out when it’s current situation isn’t ideal… ya know, those times when you get hungry and you say things you don’t mean? Lol. Ya, that is your ego trying to change it’s reality. Ego is the limiting beliefs, the self-sabotaging choices and narrow per-spectives. It is the belief that if we are more like other people, we will be liked by more people. Well I am here to tell you first hand, the beauty in you is that you are unlike any one else! Be a pioneer of your own life.

Ego isn’t always the bad guy, however. He fuels our desire and hunger for more. He can take us places or he can hold us back; which is why it is important to understand and balance this part of ourselves.

When adversity arises in our life as painful experiences, the ego will attempt to take over and control the situation. Often, he assumes the role of victim and will avoid encounters that cause pain or stress. This is likely demonstrated in acts of sedation (i.e. going out drinking, binge watching Netflix, trolling Instagram for hours on end). When we do this we avoid facing the is-sues and just hope they go away or resolve themselves.

Our ego has not been equipped with the coping skills and wisdom of expansion, unlike our souls. As we grow and learn to get in touch with our light, we embrace the gift of the unex-pected and stay true to ALL experiences— painful or pleasant.

Your expansion requires you to make an ally with the enemy. Honor, acknowledge and wel-come adversity and the mystery of each encounter. Without the flame of adversity, we cannot ignite our own light.

The next time you experience an undesirable situation, no matter how minuscule, notice who is controlling your thoughts. Are you trying to flee? Instead, embrace the reality and let go of your control. Replace your thoughts with gratitude for brining you the opportunity to expand.

In fact, I would love to be part of your expansion. As you know by now, the journey to becom-ing stronger in all areas of life is not an easy one – and no difficult journey should be walked alone. In my years of coaching clients, I have found that accountability is key. Sure, you need a solid program, but our work together will expand far beyond just your physical fitness. I will challenge you to grow on all levels, ultimately helping you find the true fulfillment and expansion you desire. Click below and let’s get started!

fixing fitness


One thing I hear constantly in this industry is people’s battle with attaining a certain weight or aesthetic appearance. If I have learned anything not only training clients, but also training myself is that there are ebbs and flows with how your body looks DAILY. We all have hormones that play a huge role, dehydration levels and how your body re-acts to certain foods.

Let’s say you reach your “goal weight or composition.” Are you satisfied? The answer is likely no – not yet. Because we as humans are always hungry, always striving for more. Good is never good enough and it shouldn’t be! You may wake up one morning finally seeing your abs poke through until you go eat breakfast. Then you’re back to being hard on yourself, grinding away at the gym just to attain those brief moments of satisfaction. AMIRIGHT?!

The solution? Change your perspective. When we stop spinning our wheels to look a certain way, we can start to flow towards how we feel. What is the end goal feeling you wish to achieve? I challenge you to aspire strength-related goals. Even if that goal starts with just getting yourself out there into using weights or machines. Feeling strong pro-motes stronger body image. Our bodies are efficient machines that are more likely to consistently get stronger and our initial appearance goals happen despite not being the primary focus.

Let’s be proud of what our body is providing for us. It allows us to chase our kids, to hike trails we never thought we could and regardless of all the berating it withstands, still continues to push us forward. We are fortunate to possess complex bodies that are able to lift, to run or do whatever your form of exercise may be. Our bodies are always a little bit more capable than our minds trick us to think.

The foundation of my training is to focus on building strength with an emphasis on aesthetics. Without building muscle our bodies are left depleted and flat. Sure, you may lose a little bit of weight with a cardio/diet deficit plan, but likely you will not decrease your body composition enough to meet your satisfaction and still have the “fluff” to go along with it.

When you build muscle you increase you resting metabolic rate. This is the rate at which your body requires energy to support its vital functions. So without even moving around you already burn more calories than the person who never leaves the cardio equipment. And guess what — another perk to burning more calories is allowing your body to take in more calories! Weird right? So ditch those calorie starvation diets and opt for something long term. It is time to shift the superficial media-fed goals to em-powering, self respecting and body-confident intentions.

Let go of your limiting beliefs and self sabotaging actions. Own your shit and lets move forward CRUSHING the goals you never thought possible.

you are worthy


You DESERVE love

It seems, at times, as if we are in this world alone. As I sit here on the floor of my living room in the midst of California’s only rainy day— what perfect time to experience nostalgia and reflect on our lives and share with you…

It occurred to me recently that all of my life I have felt that I had a pretty good life. It wasn’t always this way, and I wasn’t always this positive. In my childhood I experienced a few traumas. [SPOILER ALERT: most of the things that happened in our childhood, still affect us today]. These don’t necessarily have to be things that traumatized us or made us feel bad in any way. It could be as simple as feeling like you always need to be an over achiever to feel loved because your parents were SO loving. Because in your little adolescent mind, doing more equals more love. More love is best. Thats how it goes right? But maybe I can speak more to those who did experience some sort of trials, anywhere in your life.
I didn’t know my life held trauma because my perception of the world, thats just how things worked. Everyone’s parents fight, everyone’s parents divorce. As an only child you learn to hold your own. You either make your own friends or you secluded into the happiness of your own mind and heart. Some of my life events still make me uneasy to talk about. It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I could talk about it at all. I still remember very vividly the very first person I told about my past. I think a big part of me preferred to bury it; deep in the abyss because what purpose would it serve me to FEEL those dark feelings. But let me tell you a lil somethin’— STUFFING DOES NOT SERVE YOU! Ignoring and repressing your feelings will appease you for a little while, but not long will you find yourself having to turn to alternative routes to cope. This manifests itself in alcohol consumption, drug use, binging on Netflix, numbing by aimlessly scrolling the instagram, twitter, facebook— because after all seeing all the success complete strangers achieve makes you feel goo, right? WRONG.

Im here to tell you something. You are not alone. Everything you feel is felt by the collective of all of us. And by collective, I mean we are all intertwined. Call it faith, call it God, call it Universe. Whatever you want to recognize this as, I believe one thing to be true— we are no different than the next person. No matter what country you originated, color or your skin, preference in who you like, it don’t matter. I’m gonna talk grammatically incorrect so you know its real. Because this shit is serious. We have got to stop dicking around. 

Somewhere in our lives we learned to behave the way we still behave today. Our stories will continue to repeat themselves like one of those cheesy Christmas movies where they keep reliving the same day, over and over; Until they get it right! Because our Higher Selves want the best for us. You have potential. You are more than your limiting beliefs. Your flaws. Your doubts. You are not your depression or anxiety or illness. The life you desire is for you. Everything that has happened in your life is FOR you and has served you in some way up until this point. Can we all agree that we all have some sort of past? It doesn’t have to be a comparison game of who had it worse or better. We all have a story of how we got here. Now, I don’t know about you but id like to be co-contributor to my own future! 

You are safe. You are protected. You are here to create more. You are here to thrive within this lifetime.

There are two significant emotions in life. Period. Only two. There is either fear or there is love. Fear is simply a lack of love. Whenever we are feeling uneasy or down, we simply need to experience more love. We may not be giving it to ourselves so we seek from others or external sources, only to be continually disappointed. 

watch out, don't get bulky


Trust me, you won’t get huge

As a female strength coach, it is my personal mission to debunk the myth that lifting weights makes women bulky.
Some women may have more growth potential than others but that does not mean lifting moderate to heavy weights will make you huge. What makes you huge is a calorie surplus. You don’t see girls being scared of their 203 calorie glass of champagne now do ya? -That’s the real facts.

Whether your goal is to look good in a bikini, feel like a powerful badass or just improve your overall strength, strength training is your answer.

Too often, I have female clients come to me expressing their desire for weightloss/fat loss but they don’t want to get “bulky” but want to “tone.” I’ve even had girls go so far as to express they would like to lose muscle. Firstly, I think it is important to define what tone means. Over the years people have redefined the word to equate how lean and defined our muscles appear. Becoming lean and building muscle is the exact same thing as this ‘tone’ you speak of. If your goal is to see your muscles, even minimally, what you actually desire is building muscle and losing body fat.

Becoming lean, gaining muscle and losing body fat requires the balance of all variables from diet, exercise prescription and mindset development— all of which a specialized coach can help you with.

Lets get into the programing shall we? As a recreational lifter, it will be VERY difficult to get significant muscle growth like some of the women you scroll across on instagram. Sure, you may have a greater genetic gift to building muscle but it really isn’t going to be as significant as you may think. Women have 1/15 to 1/20 the amount of testosterone that men have. The women you may come across that you see as bigger than YOU have dedicated their entire lives and many many years to becoming that way. Some, even committing to anabolic steroids.

Not sure who started the idea that tiny weights with endless amounts of reps was the answer to achieving that ‘toned’ look but lets finally give that a rest once and for all. Resorting to this actually negates the real muscle-building effects of strength training and no adaptation in the muscles occurs; and sure you may have great muscular endurance but it will not help you decrease body fat and gain any muscle definition. It should also be noted that if you grab for your tiny dumbbells or only head to group training classes with limited weights, this strict high rep/ light weight combo develops a build up of fluids in the muscle cells causing muscles to appear puffy.

But what about cardio?

Here’s something cool – Strength training burns calories up to 48 hours after your lifting session and continues to burn even while you’re not lifting! The calories you burn doing endless amounts of cardio ceases the moment you step off the treadmill. The more muscle mass you obtain, the higher your metabolic rate (how much your body burns at rest). Result- more lean muscle mass and less body fat! Crazy! This is not to say cardio does not have its place. Most people will benefit from sprint training/ HIIT training in conjunction to their strength program.

In short, if your goal is to lose weight and body fat, your focus should be on maintaining a negative calorie intake (not too low) and burning more calories (long term) than you consume. More muscle, more calorie burn. Less muscle, less calorie burn = less fat burn.

Do you want to finally feel confident in your body? Give up the idea that lifting weights makes you huge. Thats not how that works. Eating donuts and drinking champagne and living in a calorie surplus makes you huge.

I am here for the girls who believe their limited belief ceilings can be broken.

For the girls who want to uncover their inner badass and transform their lives.

For the girls who are ready to learn discipline when motivation fails them—
because in the end, its the hard work and dedication that builds your confidence and self esteem.

This is what I teach when you are a part of my team.
APPLY to join us today

With Unconditional Love,
<3 Kelsie