ego, soul & adversity

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Sometimes it seems like everyone is a personal development coach these days. In some way, we are all on a journey to self-discovery or development in some way. If you know me, you know I despise mainstream ‘self help’ books. Not for the lack of wisdom but because they often don’t get to the root of the concept. And don’t get me wrong, they are definitely valuable! Just like all transformations there are levels that we may not be ready to understand. There will be books that don’t resonate with you that resonate with another. That is the beauty of the process. We, on our journeys alike, are all attempting to align more with our soul/light impacting all of US.

Its hard to shine light on our way without first looking at the facts. In order to heal and redis-cover our truth we must first get to know the patterns of life within ourselves and with others.
When we become less lead by ego and more from the soul, our view of the world and the pains that are in it begin to soften, our vibrations and our consciousness rise. As we empower our personal journey we participate in the collective transformation of humanity and healing of the planet.

Excuse me as I get a bit earthly on ya here but the more I learn the more I know this is what I have been called to do. As I get more in touch with my soul I know that I must lead with integri-ty in all things that I do. To get in touch with our soul we must unravel the ego. But how?

First, I think its imperative to understand the roles of EGO. I consider this part of ourselves our inner toddler. The one who acts out when it’s current situation isn’t ideal… ya know, those times when you get hungry and you say things you don’t mean? Lol. Ya, that is your ego trying to change it’s reality. Ego is the limiting beliefs, the self-sabotaging choices and narrow per-spectives. It is the belief that if we are more like other people, we will be liked by more people. Well I am here to tell you first hand, the beauty in you is that you are unlike any one else! Be a pioneer of your own life.

Ego isn’t always the bad guy, however. He fuels our desire and hunger for more. He can take us places or he can hold us back; which is why it is important to understand and balance this part of ourselves.

When adversity arises in our life as painful experiences, the ego will attempt to take over and control the situation. Often, he assumes the role of victim and will avoid encounters that cause pain or stress. This is likely demonstrated in acts of sedation (i.e. going out drinking, binge watching Netflix, trolling Instagram for hours on end). When we do this we avoid facing the is-sues and just hope they go away or resolve themselves.

Our ego has not been equipped with the coping skills and wisdom of expansion, unlike our souls. As we grow and learn to get in touch with our light, we embrace the gift of the unex-pected and stay true to ALL experiences— painful or pleasant.

Your expansion requires you to make an ally with the enemy. Honor, acknowledge and wel-come adversity and the mystery of each encounter. Without the flame of adversity, we cannot ignite our own light.

The next time you experience an undesirable situation, no matter how minuscule, notice who is controlling your thoughts. Are you trying to flee? Instead, embrace the reality and let go of your control. Replace your thoughts with gratitude for brining you the opportunity to expand.

In fact, I would love to be part of your expansion. As you know by now, the journey to becom-ing stronger in all areas of life is not an easy one – and no difficult journey should be walked alone. In my years of coaching clients, I have found that accountability is key. Sure, you need a solid program, but our work together will expand far beyond just your physical fitness. I will challenge you to grow on all levels, ultimately helping you find the true fulfillment and expansion you desire. Click below and let’s get started!