feminine power


feminine strong.

what words do you think of when you hear the word feminine?

soft? fierce? assertive? beauty?

Why is it so easy for us to honor another women’s power? But we can’t seem to do the same for ourselves? What the heck is missing. It’s no wonder why there is an over saturation of women’s empowerment and self development coaches. Why do we all need so much freaking help just being ourselves?! Everyone seems to have the ‘program to help’ but everyone is dancing around the bush. It’s time to stop playing the victim and get to know your damn truth.

Feminine power.

We’ve all heard the term before. There is all kinds of talk about women’s movements and women empowering women. But a lot of it is just that. talk. Talk is cheap without action. I’ve never considered myself a feminist. For the sole fact that, to me with the way society talks about feminism, feminist means you have to choose. I think a lot of peoples perceptions about feminism is skewed. Feminism and our culture is a balance of the feminine and masculine. One would not survive without the other. Now, I’m not saying there is no discrimination for any one person because that’s not what this topic is about today. This page is about YOU. Your fire. Your truth. Your feminine. In this moment that’s all I give a fuck about [excuse me while I am lit up in my feminine ;) ].

One of the most frustrating things to me is when I meet women, women with SO much freaking potential and beauty and intelligence, yet their light is so dim they don’t stand in the true power. They stop telling people no to things, even when it doesn’t serve them. Or they don’t take a chance on their future out of fear. Or don’t leave a toxic relationship because the other person “won’t let them go.” Our culture has modeled for us to turn off strong emotions. To seek refuge in alcohol or netflix—in comfort. When we numb its comfortable and we don’t have to think about what more is out there or what we really want. Memes get passed around how we will be perpetually single, that we are no good, we are unworthy. We glamorize being anti-social, not feeling anything worthwhile and doing nothing with our lives. CAN WE JUST STOP THIS ALREADY. Let us no longer entertain this stupid shit.

This is why I love coaching and working intimately with women. I love being the mirror for women who doubt themselves. We can all see through each other’s cloud of bullshit. Arguably, most women will at some point in their lives, if not consistently, underestimate and doubt their abilities. Maybe this is you and instead of taking action you search for someone else to support your life. You don’t value yourself enough to trust your inner knowing and leave the shitty relationship you’re in. Maybe you’ll never make that first leap to start your passion career so you settle into a job you hate. You analyze analyze until you just quit before you even try. Let me tell you something sis, if you can envision something in its potential, it can be done.

So how do we mend strengthen and remake yourself? There is never a finish line where we stop fending off our fears. I will be the first to tell you, I, myself battle these fears every day and as you become more powerful, they get stronger. It takes consistent practice day in and day out. There are no off days. You are already a radiant being and must reconnect to your own internal flame. Sharpening your physical strengths is a vehicle for your true power to shine. You CAN own your feminine. You are more powerful than you realize. Your truth and purpose already exists inside of you but it requires you to take action.

When you commit to your journey of truth you will forever have an indestructible feminine spirit and a depth of confidence that is unimaginable. Every situation in our life is a privilege— good or bad, and you don’t have to do it alone. I invite you to celebrate yourself and connect powerfully to your being amongst a community that lifts each other up. Your truth deserves to be heard.