fixing fitness


One thing I hear constantly in this industry is people’s battle with attaining a certain weight or aesthetic appearance. If I have learned anything not only training clients, but also training myself is that there are ebbs and flows with how your body looks DAILY. We all have hormones that play a huge role, dehydration levels and how your body re-acts to certain foods.

Let’s say you reach your “goal weight or composition.” Are you satisfied? The answer is likely no – not yet. Because we as humans are always hungry, always striving for more. Good is never good enough and it shouldn’t be! You may wake up one morning finally seeing your abs poke through until you go eat breakfast. Then you’re back to being hard on yourself, grinding away at the gym just to attain those brief moments of satisfaction. AMIRIGHT?!

The solution? Change your perspective. When we stop spinning our wheels to look a certain way, we can start to flow towards how we feel. What is the end goal feeling you wish to achieve? I challenge you to aspire strength-related goals. Even if that goal starts with just getting yourself out there into using weights or machines. Feeling strong pro-motes stronger body image. Our bodies are efficient machines that are more likely to consistently get stronger and our initial appearance goals happen despite not being the primary focus.

Let’s be proud of what our body is providing for us. It allows us to chase our kids, to hike trails we never thought we could and regardless of all the berating it withstands, still continues to push us forward. We are fortunate to possess complex bodies that are able to lift, to run or do whatever your form of exercise may be. Our bodies are always a little bit more capable than our minds trick us to think.

The foundation of my training is to focus on building strength with an emphasis on aesthetics. Without building muscle our bodies are left depleted and flat. Sure, you may lose a little bit of weight with a cardio/diet deficit plan, but likely you will not decrease your body composition enough to meet your satisfaction and still have the “fluff” to go along with it.

When you build muscle you increase you resting metabolic rate. This is the rate at which your body requires energy to support its vital functions. So without even moving around you already burn more calories than the person who never leaves the cardio equipment. And guess what — another perk to burning more calories is allowing your body to take in more calories! Weird right? So ditch those calorie starvation diets and opt for something long term. It is time to shift the superficial media-fed goals to em-powering, self respecting and body-confident intentions.

Let go of your limiting beliefs and self sabotaging actions. Own your shit and lets move forward CRUSHING the goals you never thought possible.